Bring Life to Your Technical Drawing

More than 80,000 exercises shared by an active community of thousands of people

Interactive Exercises

All exercises in Mongge are interactive: they can be solved online and include an animated step-by-step solution.

In Mongge there are more than 80,000 Technical Drawing exercises. All of them have been created and published by their users and are used daily by thousands of people:

In the classroom with a projector or digital whiteboard; at home, to study, to solve doubts, to prepare lessons, to pass the time; on your mobile, tablet or computer; for teachers and for students...

And if you have a website, embed all the exercises you want in it.

Watching solutions can be entertaining, interesting and can help you solve your doubts faster, but we recommend that you try to solve the exercises before reproducing them, it's the best way to get the most out of your work.

Do it yourself

All exercises in Mongge have been created and published using the editor: a simple and intuitive CAD tool specifically designed for creating Technical Drawing exercises.

The animated solutions are automatically created by drawing in the "Solution" section of the exercise being created. The drawing in the "Statement" section, on the other hand, will be static.

Drawing in Mongge, both in the editor and in the exercises when solving them, aims to emulate the way of drawing with ruler and compass, taking advantage of the advantages of current technology, but preserving some of the limitations of hand drawing.

Mongge is designed as a support tool for Technical Drawing in secondary and higher education.

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