Technical Drawing with ICT for Secondary Education

What's next?

1. Register on Mongge to publish your exercises and insert them in your web, blog, etc.

2. Create your first exercise with the Exercise Editor and share it on Mongge. It's so easy!

3. Organize your exercises in Collections to find them easier.

4. Dive into the exercises shared by people like you.

5. Use it in your classes. They love it!

What is Mongge?

Mongge is an online project for Technical Drawing focused on Secondary Education and designed to make easier the study and diffusion of geometrical problems.

Mongge uses the techniques of drawing on paper with a ruler and a compass but also exploits the computer advantages to streamline mechanical drawing processes to focus on geometrical problem solving and analysis.

Exercises created with Mongge can be solved online but you can also print and solve them on paper.

In Mongge, exercise solutions –both those created by teachers or students- can be displayed as an animated film. This allows you to see step by step the process of solving problems, thus facilitating the exercises explanation, analysis and evaluation.