65.- Drawing mouldings 2

Draw the moulding, given points A and B

t-12,l-78,a-16,p-18,t-20,a-22,p-24,t-26,a-28,p-30,t-32,l-79,t-36,l-80,p-40,t-42,l-81,p-46,t-48,t-50,l-83,t-54,t-56,a-58,p-60,t-62,t-64,a-66,a-68,l-86,l-87,l-89,l-90,l-91,l-92 A B 1.- Divide the segment AB into three equal parts. 1 2 3 2.- Draw a perpendicular to segment AB, through the point 1´. You get the center of the first arc, point O. O 3.- Centering on O draw a semicircumference with radius AO, Where the arc intersects with the perpendicular you drew before, you get the center of the second arc, point O´. 4.- Draw the two arcs, centering on O and O´ and link all all the lines together.

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