53.- Linking two given circumferences with an internal arc

Link two given circumferences O1 and O2 with radii r1 and r2, with an internal arc that has the known radius r

t-14,l-16,l-17,a-20,a-22,p-24,a-26,p-28,a-30,l-23,t-34,a-36,l-24,t-40,p-42,t-44,t-46,l-20,p-50,t-52,p-54,l-21,t-58,t-60,a-62 r O1 r1 O2 r2 1.- From O1 and O2 draw two arcs with a radius that is the sum of the given radius r and the sum of the given circumference´s radius (r1+r and r2+r). The point where these arcs cross is the centre O3 of the circumference you are trying to draw. r1+r r2+r O3 2.- Join O3 with O1 and O2 and find tangency points M and N. M N 3.- Draw the arc with the centre at O3 and with radius r.

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